Tickets to London games still not on sale, NFL says it’s a non-issue

Multiple PFT readers and/or PFT Live viewers in the United Kingdom have told us that tickets to the two London games to be played in October have not yet gone on sale. They’re concerned that the games ultimately may not be played in London, given the lingering pandemic.

The NFL says that’s not that case. Both last month and again today, the NFL said that plans have not changed for October 10 (Jets-Falcons) and October 17 (Dolphins-Jaguars) at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. The league has explained that it continues to collect information through a registry of interest, and that fans who register will be notified when tickets go on sale.

The concern comes from the fact that, in the past, tickets already had been sold. In 2019, tickets became available in late June. In 2018, tickets for games played at Wembley Stadium went on sale on May 1.

The message nevertheless remains simple and clear: The 2021 games remain on track. Obviously, however, things can easily go off track, if the Delta variant continues to spread and if the unvaccinated continue to refuse to get readily-available protection against serious illness or death.